Tuk Tuk Hire - About Us

When it comes to high-quality luxury tuk tuks to help you stand out at your event, no one does it better than the team at Tuk Tuk Hire. Tuk Tuk Hire is the UK's only nationwide chauffeur-driven tuk tuk hire service allowing customers across the country access to a range of deluxe tuk tuk models that is a breath of fresh air at any event.

At Tuk Tuk Hire, we realise that not everyone wants to avail of traditional transport hire options like limousines and prestige cars. This is why we have a range of exotic tuk tuk models that allow you to arrive in style but in a distinctly different and envy-inspiring vehicle hire at your special event.

Tuk tuks are traditional taxis in the East and have gained popularity for their use in Thailand. Capital city Bangkok is abuzz with tuk tuks that allow customers to feel the wind in their face, get a panoramic and unrestrained view of their surroundings while all the time enjoying a fun-filled and unique ride aboard these tuk tuks.

These three wheeled vehicles can reach high speeds and have been refurbished to high standards to suit our customers' needs here in the UK. Tuk Tuk Hire chauffeur-driven tuk tuks are covered in lavish interiors and boast state of art entertainment systems like CD/DVD players, sound systems, drinks cabinet and allow you a spectacular view on your drive. Our chauffeur-driven tuk tuk hires are popular for a range of events including weddings, birthdays, hen and stag nights, school proms, airport transfers, themed events, TV and film hire, city tours, corporate promotions, sporting events and more.

Tuk Tuk Hire chauffeur-driven tuk tuk hires can be decorated according to your event requirements to make sure it is perfectly in line with your special day. From bows, ribbons and balloons in your colour theme to any promotional or branding for corporate hire, Tuk Tuk Hire chauffeur-driven tuk tuks are flexible and adaptable and the perfect accompaniment to any event.

Our tuk tuks can accommodate up to six people so you and your friends are guaranteed a safe, enjoyable and comfortable ride to your destination in what will arguably be an eye-catching vehicle hire! Tuk Tuk Hire chauffeur-driven tuk tuk hires are available across all UK locations including London, Bristol, Brighton, Bath, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cambridge, Oxford, Cardiff, Swansea, Edinburgh and Swansea.

Contact Tuk Tuk Hire today and get ready to be transported in style in your very own chauffeur-driven tuk tuk hire!